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About Us

Salad Envy takes Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) one step further. 

When trips to the farmer's market are inconvenient, people start considering CSA subscriptions. When bags of produce sit in the fridge uneaten or when time is tight, it's time to consider Salad Envy. 

Salad Envy is just like a traditional CSA program where people subscribe to locally-grown produce delivery because they want to eat healthy and local with the added convenience of office delivery. We add value by preparing locally-grown produce for you into beautiful, delicious salads that are ready to eat and deliver them to your office just in time for lunch. 

Salad Envy was born out of a desire to make it easier for people to eat better. As a corporate wellness expert, founder Deanna Moncrief knows the value of healthy employees and employers' desire for effective wellness programs. She has witnessed the rapid expansion of fruit and vegetable subscription services in workplaces across the United States and has talked with many employees who enjoy their "produce bag subscription deliveries," allowing them to enjoy local produce without going to the farmers' market. However, she often hears her clients admit that they can't use (or don't know how to prepare) all of their produce, which then goes to waste: "If only someone could make it for me..." 

As a sought-after caterer, Christian knows that people want fresh, clean food that tastes as good as it looks, and that where their food comes from matters to them. His clients come back again and again because of his ability to combine flavors and textures in unique ways while using locally-grown food produced by farmers he knows personally. Christian's travels to Indonesia have nurtured his culinary creativity to the delight of his clients, who often say, "This is the best salad I've ever had."

More about us: 

Deanna Moncrief

Deanna Moncrief has been a nutritionist since graduating with a master's of science degree in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics from the Chicago Medical School in 1999. Deanna helped double wellness program participation at the Queen's Medical Center as its Wellness Program Coordinator, and in 2002 she founded Benchmark Wellness. Benchmark is a corporate wellness consultancy that helps employers control costs by designing programs to improve employee health.  Deanna has provided services and wellness training to companies in Hawaii and across the United States, such as Charles Schwab, Accenture, Ghirardelli, The Ford Motor Company, state utilities, credit unions, municipalities, and more.

Christian Schneider is the owner and head chef of Cater To Me, in business in Hawaii since 1986. From a 3rd generation restaurant family whose father Buzz Schneider opened Buzz’s Original Steakhouse, Christian earned his degree from the Culinary Institute of the Pacific in 1993. For ten years Christian owned Lucy's restaurant in Kailua which flourished until he sold it in 2011 to focus exclusively on Cater to Me. Christian has cooked for thousands of happy customers including President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, and has planned over 1,000 weddings and more than 1,800 events.

We hope you enjoy being a Salad Envy customer!