About Us

Salad Envy takes the work out of eating well. 

When trips to the farmer's market are inconvenient, people start considering produce subscriptions. When bags of vegetables sit in the fridge uneaten or when time is tight, it's time to consider Salad Envy. 

We make it for you..

Salad Envy was born out of a desire to make it easier for people to eat better. Nutritionist Deanna Moncrief combined her background in corporate wellness, healthcare, and her interest in tech to design a company where customers could conveniently order healthy food online, benefitting not only themselves but their employers as well. 

..and bring it to you at work

Many working adults spend most of their waking hours away from a kitchen and are not able to prep vegetables. For those who bring meals to work from home, preparing delicious salads can get monotonous. What's more, to get the recommended 9 to 11 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, it's imperative to start at lunchtime.

Salad Envy makes it easy to eat healthy, delicious, locally-grown produce one, two, or three days per week. And here's the best part: delivery is free. 



More about us: 

Deanna Moncrief

Deanna Moncrief has been a nutritionist since earning a master's of science degree in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics from the Chicago Medical School in 1999. Deanna helped double wellness program participation at the Queen's Medical Center as its Wellness Program Coordinator, and in 2002 she founded Kailua-based Benchmark Wellness, a corporate wellness consultancy that helps employers control costs by designing effective programs to improve employee health. Deanna has provided wellness services and training to companies such as Charles Schwab, Accenture, Ghirardelli, The Ford Motor Company, state utilities, and credit unions.

Christian Schneider was instrumental in helping make Salad Envy a reality. Developing the menu, including his house-made dressings and sauces, Christian was the force behind Salad Envy's early growth. He is the owner and head chef of Cater To Me, in business in Hawaii since 1986. From a 3rd generation restaurant family whose father Buzz Schneider opened Buzz’s Original Steakhouse, Christian earned his degree from the Culinary Institute of the Pacific in 1993. Christian has cooked for thousands of happy customers including President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, and has planned over 1,000 weddings and more than 1,800 events.