What You Get

Health Benefits.

Eating a salad almost every day may be one of the healthiest habits you can adopt. And it’s simple with a Salad Envy subscription!

Why Veggies Are So Good For You

Those who eat leafy-green salads on a regular basis usually have higher blood levels of antioxidants, the chemicals that help protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals contribute to weak immune systems, reduced ability to handle stress, accelerated aging and heart disease.

Your Friend Fiber    

Salads made with lettuce, vegetables, fruit, whole grains like quinoa, and even nuts like almonds and walnuts can help lower cholesterol levels. Eating more fiber can help you feel fuller, eat less, and ultimately make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. 

The Health Benefits of Good Fats

Diets rich in good fats such as those found in olives, avocados and nuts have been shown to aid the absorption of antioxidants. Good fats may also help you get more out of your salad if it has tomatoes or dark green vegetables, and these fats may also contribute to lower cholesterol levels, reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

What's in the Box?

Our Containers

We strive to be gentle on the environment and our salads come in eco-friendly containers and with compostable cutlery and 100% post-consumer napkins. Even our label is enjoying its second life; it's made from 100% post-consumer material.

By eco-friendly we mean food grade containers and cutlery made from corn (PLA) and/or 100% recycled materials. We source U.S.-made products to minimize the carbon footprint created by shipping to Hawaii, since products made in China are first shipped to the mainland and then to Hawaii, nearly tripling the environmental impact. 

Please note that our reliance on shipping carriers, occasional melting or warping of PLA containers by exposure to heat during shipping, or other unforeseen circumstances may require us to temporarily use plastic containers. Be assured that this would be a temporary occurrence and that we will switch back to more eco-friendly products as soon as we can.

Our Promise.

We believe that salads should be good enough to stand alone for lunch.  We've designed ours with busy, health-conscious professionals in mind; truly delicious meals delivered to the office so that "eating healthy" isn't a chore. In fact, your afternoon productivity will likely increase and we can't wait to hear about it.